Architecture Review

Project organization, technology choices and data structures

Often overlooked, or not planned comprehensively until the last minute, these choices can make or break a project. Without careful thought upfront, constant refactorings may be necessary in order to keep up with business requirements. This can lead to extra time and effort, budget overruns, bugs and complications on every level of the project and application.

Designing the right architecture requires knowledge of the business itself, as well as capabilities of software, the platform it’s running on, the language, industry norms, and developer culture. All must be balanced in order to fulfill the business’ long-term objectives and future success. Only an experienced technical team with the ability to listen and comprehend business needs can craft an appropriate plan of action for a large project to ensure its long-term success.

Similar to code review, we provide architecture review services on an ongoing or one-time basis. We bring our experience using industry-standard patterns and practices and combine it with your knowledge of your business objectives to generate architecture recommendations, which we are also able to implement, if desired. We love listening to ideas and plans and providing informal advice before a formal engagement begins.

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