Satisfied Customers

Some business names and titles are not shown here in order to preserve the details of our engagment, for competitive reasons on behalf of the client. Fixation is glad to work behind-the-scenes for your benefit.

My team has been working with Fixation since mid-2012. Since then, Gavin and Curtis have had a very positive impact to our projects. With their help, we have seen an increase in overall application performance. Fixation has played an integral role in getting our application converted from WinJS to Angular. Gavin is great at providing architectural guidance towards a final product while ensuring all code is optimized with each release. Both Gavin and Curtis have a deep understanding of our applications, how they are used by our customers, where we want to be in the future and how to get us there. They work well with all team members and have been great partners. Gavin and Curtis are always available for questions and to provide assistance. Great people to work with.

Pam B

Software Development Manager,

Nebraska Furniture Mart, Omaha, NE

I am constantly impressed with Fixations ability to offer multiple solutions to the problems I run into. I don’t have the expertise to know what all of my options are, and knowing that Fixation has thought through all the potential obstacles is extremely helpful. Fixation is always one step ahead of of me, anticipating potential problems and offering great solutions. Their feedback and brainstorming has allowed our site to grow faster than I expected. From great communication and realistic timelines to their attention to detail, they have exceeded all my expectations. They have taken my general ideas, and have not only developed them into something better, but have made them a reality.

Alex Y

Director of Sales, Satisfied Client

Inevitably in development there are going to be changes or new ideas that happen during the project and Fixation has not only welcomed these changes, but built upon our ideas to make the final outcome better. The constant communication and willingness to always pick up the phone or reply to a question keeps us in the loop on everything that is going on with our project. From a planning / forecasting prospective, it is great knowing where things are at with the project and when the deliverables will be met. We look at the Fixation Team as a true partner to our business and not just a vendor we work with. There has yet to be a project or issue we have presented to the Fixation Team that they have not been able to figure out for us.


 of Satisfied Company

Fixation has really helped us design our operating platform from the ground up. We have been amazed at how flexible and knowledgeable they are with ideas we have thrown at them to customize what we needed. I am constantly impressed with how promptly we hear back from them, as well as the efficiency they provide when something is needed very quickly. We will continue to put our faith in their team going forward!


 Finance Scope

Their expertise is rooted in their tenacity of finding a solution. They think outside the box and are always looking for efficient, effective solutions. Fixation has kept us up-to-date on our development tools and how we deploy them. Fixation has helped make sure that our solutions are fully unit tested and they have helped create and maintain coding standards. Fixation is straightforward and honest. They will work hard to support your business.

Bernie L

Software Supervisor, Large Retailer

Fixation is great at the soft skills. We have always been impressed with the planning phases of the development as well as the communication and interaction along the way of our projects. Their knowledge and expertise has allowed us to set the vision and then trust their judgement to create the software to deliver that vision. We have been thankful every day since we switched to Fixation!

Charles H

Mid-sized Business Owner