Custom Search

Because SQL isn’t good at everything.

Structured data is easy to understand, and is a good default choice for many applications. But when it comes to search, you need to optimize for a completely different set of use-cases. You want it fast, smart, up-to-date, and you might want a custom set of facets or filters that users can apply. You might also want to do some pre-processing with AI or machine learning on your data–for example, recognizing features of images, so that search terms can pull them up. Custom search is a tool that can do all of this.

Enhanced by AI.

The right search solution can crack open documents, recognize image features, extract text from images, classify user intent, translate language, recognize audio, and rank results according to advanced heuristics. Speech, vision and language-enabled search can allow your users to find content fast.

Scalable, accurate, smart.

With a search engine, your data now exists in multiple places. Synchronizing those places quickly and efficiently requires advanced coding techniques so that your data doesn’t get out-of-date. You don’t want to show customers an old price, or a missing image. And when your site grows, your search traffic will grow, too. So you’ll want to make sure you can handle it easily. That depends on choosing the right infrastructure and the right coding architecture so that you’re not limiting the size of your business. With the right design choices up-front, you can save money on hosting costs, too.

Serverless architecture.

Like everything else we do, we emphasize a “serverless architecture”–which means less downtime, no underlying OS for anyone to manage, and much less complexity when it comes to troubleshooting. This low-maintenance solution also scales nicely with usage, so you can have the redundancy and indexing speed you need, no matter your usage scenarios. We’re powered by Azure Cognitive Search, an industry-leading search solution for power, flexibility, security, speed and cost.

Customized to your needs.

Your data is unique. Your users will want to filter it on custom criteria specific to your data. Our custom search product allows for this flexibility because we have built for many use-cases similar to yours. Just a few of the possibilities:

Location-based: geographic search, based on the user’s location or zip code, with filters for a geographic radius. Each result may have its own “coverage area” as well.

Machine-learning-enabled: for example, you can have an OCR solution for extracting text from images, so the user can do a text search and receive image results

Limitless filter options: for example, you can have a “Search within” filter, with price sliders, and a color swatch facet, with result counts next to each filter

Autocomplete: finish the user’s query, or give them a list of
choices or categories as they type.

Performance: Same high speed that users expect,
whether it’s 5,000 records or millions of records

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