How We Work

Communication comes first

Before writing a single line of code, we need to understand the problem you’re hiring us to solve. Your business needs. Your pain points. Your sources of friction, annoyance and struggles. We also need to hear your expectations and the constraints for finding a solution. Do you have a certain technology you like? A deadline that must be met? And once we start coding, we don’t “go dark”: we set up a development pipeline so that you see all of our in-progress work as soon as we can get it to you. We also open up a Slack (or Teams) channel so we can stay in-touch, and we set weekly feedback and planning meetings with you. Regular feedback is essential to a successful project so we engage with you frequently and personally to make sure we’re on the right track, every step of the way. We have nothing to hide and we want you to know everything that we do.

Quality code is what makes us different

We use a defined software architecture that has proven successful across a wide variety of projects, scopes and businesses. This architecture makes it possible for our developers to move fast, fill in for each other, keep a stable infrastructure, and spend time on your needs rather than managing technical debt. In fact, our whole approach mitigates technical debt: our solutions are designed to scale in size, so they never become unwieldy, and can grow as your business succeeds.

Move fast, mitigate risk

We like to show you our work, as we’re doing it, so one of our first steps is to set up a staging environment and give you full access from the very beginning. Code is automatically deployed there every day, and then it goes into production with zero downtime. We want you to see the results of your investment in us right away: frequently, fully and honestly. We know a good product is about honing and refining over and over, and that’s why we have a you-centered process in place.

Finding flaws

We don’t ignore problems, we obsess over them. Every single step in our development process is designed to catch flaws. We want to prevent and fix quality issues as soon as possible, so our entire pipeline is optimized to surface a different type of flaw. After we find the root cause, we write a test for it, then fix it; and then keep running the test automatically with every future deployment so it never happens again. We simply follow industry best practices to stop bugs from reaching production, and once they’re fixed, they don’t happen again.

Use a stable tech stack

We like to stand on the shoulders of time-tested frameworks and technologies that have industry-wide adoption. By using the same tools for as many projects as possible, our institutional knowledge has grown so that we can consider ourselves experts, able to solve and foresee any problem that occurs. Some of our favorite components include:

  • C# / .NET Framework / .NET Core
  • Angular
  • SQL Server
  • Azure hosted services
  • Visual Studio / VSCode
  • WordPress

We frequently work with many additional technologies, and are always looking out for emerging trends and innovations.

It starts with a discovery call

We like hearing about your ideas, problems and pain points. Book a call below and let’s figure out if we’re the right fit for your business.

Why Invest in Fixation?

At Fixation, we believe that investing in a software solutions partner should be simple, straightforward, and seamless. As experienced developers dedicated to transparency, innovation, and eliminating technical debt, our mission centers around a clear process, simple but effective solutions, the highest quality of service, and commitment you can count on.


We Move Fast & Mitigate Risk


Our Approach is Always You-Centric


Quality Code From Flaw-Finding Perfectionists

You deserve to optimize your time doing what you do best—running your business. When you choose Fixation, you choose an honest partner that puts your needs above all else.

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