It starts with an idea.

It’s your idea. You know the problem you’re trying to solve. The only thing missing is the technical aspect: someone has to build the thing. But before the first line of code is written, you want to build trust, and make sure your idea is understood. That the team you’re hiring is competent enough to execute on your idea. That if your project fails, it won’t be because of a technical issue. That’s where we come in.

Once we understand it, we can build it.

After an initial discovery meeting, we put our heads together and come up with a plan to hit the ground running. Then we meet with you again and ask lots of questions before getting started. And it doesn’t stop there: we stay in constant communication with you, every step of the way, until it’s done. Because you don’t want to wait around, in the dark, without knowing the status of every action item. It’s your project, you deserve to know how it’s going.

Accelerate your efforts.

Already started? We can integrate with an existing team to help move a project forward, faster. We approach any project without ego, from a place of humility and offer suggestions and tips based on our own experience and let you make all the decisions. We can provide high-level analysis, code review, implementation, hosting, and technical support services at the level you prefer.

Why Invest in Fixation?

At Fixation, we believe that investing in a software solutions partner should be simple, straightforward, and seamless. As experienced developers dedicated to transparency, innovation, and eliminating technical debt, our mission centers around a clear process, simple but effective solutions, the highest quality of service, and commitment you can count on.


We Move Fast & Mitigate Risk


Our Approach is Always You-Centric


Quality Code From Flaw-Finding Perfectionists

You deserve to optimize your time doing what you do best—running your business. When you choose Fixation, you choose an honest partner that puts your needs above all else.

Connect with Us Today—Book Your One-on-One Discovery Call

Transform the way your business handles its software solutions—today. Reach out to the Fixation team to discuss your pain points and your goals—together, we can help you evaluate where you’re at, what you might be missing, and how your tech solutions could take your business to the next level seamlessly. Whether you’re ready to find the right team to help you implement something big, wish to add on a reliable partner that you can trust, or somewhere in between—Fixation is here for you with cutting-edge solutions that will change your business forever.

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