Mobile Development

Native, or Cross-Platform

Would you like a mobile app written in a native language, such as Objective-C, Swift or Kotlin? Or would you prefer a cross-platform framework like Xamarin? Or would the idea work better as a Progressive Web App? There are tradeoffs between all of these approaches, but we have done them all and we give you the choice. This can be one of your most important decisions when starting a project and our experienced team can help guide you through it. We have written over 25 apps for customers like you, ever since mobile app stores became available.

Mobile Challenges, Professional Solutions

Mobile development requires an advanced level of awareness for the developer, since users have extremely high expectations for speed quality. In addition, the plethora of device sizes, operating system versions, ecosystems, app stores and pricing models requires a true, experienced specialist to provide answers and prescribe solutions. These devices, ecosystems and frameworks change every single year, so an investment in a top-notch mobile team is extremely important.

Server-side code is important, too

Nearly every mobile app talks to an API of some sort, and in some cases is completely powered by the code on the server. Writing and hosting this requires some expertise as well because it has to be compatible with any version of the application the user has installed, in whatever network conditions they may be experiencing, while meeting the highest standard of performance, and designed to scale as your business grows.

3rd-Party Integrations

Sometimes, a problem can be better solved not by writing all-new code, but by integrating a 3rd-party solution. Deciding which integrations to use can be critical in ensuring that your app retains high-quality standards and can function properly on future versions of mobile OSes, as well as adhering to the changing rules for the app stores.

Why Invest in Fixation?

At Fixation, we believe that investing in a software solutions partner should be simple, straightforward, and seamless. As experienced developers dedicated to transparency, innovation, and eliminating technical debt, our mission centers around a clear process, simple but effective solutions, the highest quality of service, and commitment you can count on.


We Move Fast & Mitigate Risk


Our Approach is Always You-Centric


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You deserve to optimize your time doing what you do best—running your business. When you choose Fixation, you choose an honest partner that puts your needs above all else.

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